The T’nalak is an intricately woven tapestry of intense and striking colors. The hues of intertwined abaca fabric depict the vivid spirit of the people whom this unique and artistic weaving has invariably come to represent.

This symbol of woven dreams is a fundamental part of South Cotabato’s culture, a culture steeped in mystique. The T’nalak Festival is an annual celebration that commemorates the Foundation Anniversary of the dynamic South Cotabato province amidst the dual presence of tradition and progress.

Much like the choreographed contrast of this unique tapestry, the T’nalak Festival is a mix of varied events that likewise characterize the South Cotabato people and their vibrant spirit, a people, whose distinct culture and multi-ethnicity contribute to the image of this emerging province – a province that is steadfast in weaving its wealth towards advancement, and a province undoubtedly beyond compare. From colourful street dancing, pulsation street parties and innovative trade expos the T’nalak Festival has it all.