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141 SoCot Day Care Workers and Centers pass ECCD Accreditation

At least 141 Day Care Workers (DCW) and Centers in the province passed the Accreditation in different Levels of Recognition, Sonia L. Bautista, focal person for the Early Childhood Care and Development (ECCD) program reveals.  Bautista said, the accreditation aims to ensure that the ECCD programs were implemented based on the standard set by the Department of Social Welfare and Development – Central Office.  Amidst the Covid 19 pandemic, the Bureau of Standard of the Central office together with the Provincial Social Welfare Development Office (PSWDO) conducted the accreditation recently at the Upper Valley areas of South Cotabato.  Areas covered include the different barangays in Lake Sebu such as, Brgy. Seloton, Luhib Proper, El Alis Luhib, Lamfugon, Tasiman, Tbong T’konel, Lamdalag, Klubi, Lubo, Tafal Kibang, Tubong, New Tupi, New Cebu; and Sitio Abboy and Tinugas of Brgy. Ned.

These Day Care Workers has passed all levels of accreditation with corresponding years of validity following the seven accreditation tools.  These include: Health, Nutrition and Safety, Physical Environment and Safety, Interactions and Relationships between Staff and Children, among children and other adults, Staff Qualifications, Staff Development and Continuing Education, Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment, Family Involvement and Community Linkages and Leadership Program Management and Support.

Bautista revealed that at least 380 Day Care Workers and Centers are not yet accredited in the whole province, while 115 Day Care Workers and Centers have expired, Bautista disclosed. The center has to meet the 75% compliance in all the seven (7) areas to qualify for the granting of recognition.

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