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2020 SGM Collection reaches Php9 million increase amid pandemic

The Sand, Gravel and Mining (SGM) Tax Collections reaches an increase of Php9 million despite the onset of the covid-19 pandemic, the Provincial Environment Management Office (PEMO) reveals.

Provincial Environment Management Officer, Seigfred M. Flaviano said, “SGM Tax Collections is not affected despite our present situation”.  From January to December, 2020, the total collection reaches Php49.4M against the Php40.69 million collection for the same period in 2019.  Out this collection, forty percent (40%) share will go to the barangay and another thirty (30%) will go to the municipality based on the local government code . For the provincial share, the province gets another thirty percent (30%) or a total of Php17.2M. Flaviano added, the provincial share also increased by Php3 million as compared to its 2019 SGM collection of Php14.3 million only.

For the month of December, the collection reaches to Php5.6M compared to 2019 December collection which was only Php1.5M. The Provincial Imposition of SGM Tax Collections are the following:

Sand and Gravel, Mining Tax from Ore, Small Scale Mining Fee, Ore Transport Permit, Mining Occupational Tax, Verification Fee (Mining), Verification Fee (SAG), Filing Fee, Governor’s Permit Fee, Projection Fee, Processing Fee, Fines/Penalties/Surcharges, Miscellaneous (DRs), Environmental Fee, Others (PD 1586), Others (Project Fee) .  Aside from revenue collection the Environment Department also conducts regular monitoring and inspection to quarry areas and mining tunnels in the area.

Flaviano further added, that their office is not mainly concern in the collection of SGM taxes which will be remitted in the treasury of the Provincial Government but more of the compliance of the laws, preservation of the rivers, creeks in the area of their responsibility.

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