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22 Exciting Activities Set for the Silver Anniversary of T’nalak Festival

South Cotabato, May 22, 2024 – The T’nalak Festival is gearing up for its silver anniversary this July, with a spectacular lineup of 22 activities that promise to highlight the rich arts and culture of South Cotabato. Provincial Information Officer and Tnalak Festival Director Rudy Jimenea announced that this year’s festival will be a weeklong celebration featuring a variety of events designed to showcase the province’s vibrant heritage and diverse offerings.

The festivities will kick off on July 1 with the opening of the Agri-Trade Fair, a much-anticipated event where ten local government units (LGUs) will compete by showcasing their unique products. The Agri-Trade Fair will feature booths filled with local goods, providing an excellent opportunity for visitors to explore the agricultural richness of South Cotabato.

Running alongside the Agri-Trade Fair will be several early showstoppers, including the Plant Fair, rides and amusements, Rockrakan (mini night concerts), the Food Garden, and various sports activities. These attractions are expected to draw large crowds and set a festive tone for the celebrations.

The Dance Sports competition, another highlight of the festival, will also commence in the first week of July, adding to the early excitement and providing a platform for local talents to shine.

The main festivities of the T’nalak Festival will begin on July 11 with an interfaith service, leading up to the formal opening ceremony on July 12. The opening day will feature a vibrant Float Competition and a Thematic Dance Showdown, both of which are eagerly awaited by festival-goers.

Other notable activities throughout the festival week include:

  • Indigenous Peoples Day: Celebrating the traditions and contributions of the indigenous communities of South Cotabato.
  • Motocross: An adrenaline-pumping event that will thrill motorsports enthusiasts.
  • Business Conference: A gathering of local and national business leaders to discuss economic opportunities.
  • Mutya ng South Cotabato: The prestigious beauty pageant that crowns the province’s queen.
  • Dangal ng South Cotabato: An awards ceremony honoring outstanding individuals and organizations.
  • Folkdance Competition: Showcasing traditional dance performances that reflect the cultural heritage of the region.
  • Hip-Hop Competition: Bringing a contemporary twist to the festival with energetic dance battles.

The climax of the festival will be the Street Dancing Competition on the day of the T’nalak Festival, where participants will portray 25 years of South Cotabato’s rich culture through vibrant and dynamic performances.

Big names in showbiz and national politicians are expected to join the festivities, adding star power to the celebrations and drawing even more attention to the cultural brilliance of South Cotabato.

“We are incredibly excited for this year’s T’nalak Festival. It’s not just a celebration of our culture, but a showcase of our community’s creativity and resilience,” Jimenea said. “We invite everyone to join us in this grand celebration and experience the unique traditions and vibrant spirit of South Cotabato.”

With a diverse array of activities and events planned, the silver anniversary of the T’nalak Festival promises to be a memorable celebration for residents and visitors alike.

About the T’nalak Festival

The T’nalak Festival is an annual celebration in South Cotabato that honors the T’nalak cloth, a symbol of the province’s rich cultural heritage. The festival features a variety of cultural, artistic, and entertainment activities that highlight the traditions and talents of the local communities.

For more information on the festival schedule and activities, please contact the South Cotabato Provincial Information Office, 887-1306 or please visit the official Facebook Page and our website regularly for more updates.

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