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5 attractions/sites in Lake Sebu among top 10 most visited in SouthCot for 1st QTR 2024

Five (5) attractions/sites in Lake Sebu, South Cotabato’s summer and eco-cultural capital, were among the top 10 most visited for the first quarter of 2024 based from the record of  the Arts, Culture, Tourism and Museum (ACTM) Unit.

Topping the list in first and second places were Our Lady of Divine Mercy Shrine and Seven Falls, respectively. The 2 attractions/sites made it to the top due to long holidays brought about by the Lenten Season.

The 3 other attractions/sites were Sunrise Garden Lake Resort (5th Place), Garden by the Lake (6th Place) and Punta Isla Lake Resort (10th Place).

Also included in the top were Kolondatal Nature Park in Tampakan (3rd Place), SG Farm in Tupi (4th Place) and Mambukal Hot Sulphur Spring in the City of Koronadal (7th Place).

Likewise, 2 resorts in Banga town, namely; ELC Resort and Fortune Field Resort ranked 8th and 9th Places, respectively.





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