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9-month Mining, Quarry Tax Collection almost P15-M

The Provincial Environment Management Office (PEMO) reported that the Sand, Gravel and Mining (SGM) tax collection of South Cotabato from January to September this year now reached P14,868,503.57.

PEMO likewise added in its report that the September SGM tax collection alone contributed P1,577,167.25 to the province’s coffer.

With this, the provincial share for the 9–month collection now totaled P5,609,570.83.

PEMO noted that the SGM monthly average tax collection is now P1,652,055.95 based from the 9-month total collection, which is far higher than last year’s monthly average of P1,561,924.40.

South Cotabato collected P18,743,092.83 in its SGM Tax for 2016 and according to PEMO, comparing it from the 9-month collection trend, it appears that it might surpass last year’s SGM tax collection.

Provincial Imposition include Sand and Gravel Tax, Mining Tax, Small-Scale Mining Fee, Ore Transport Fee, Occupational Mining Tax, Verification Fee (Sand and Gravel), Filing Fee, Governor’s Permit Fee, Processing Fee, Fines/Penalties/Surcharges, Miscellaneous/Delivery Receipts and imposition based on PD 1856.

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