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ACTM monitors Arts Groups, Artists inventory in Southcot

The Arts, Culture, Tourism and Museum (ACTM) Development and Promotions Unit is currently conducting the inventory of the status of Culture and Arts Groups and Local Artists in the province.

          Spearheaded by the Local Culture and Arts Council (LCAC) of South Cotabato,the activity was pushed by LCAC Vice-Chairperson Carlito Y. Uy during one of their meetings as per DILG Memorandum which mandated the proper documentation of all cultural assets of the province.

          The List of Culture and Arts Groups and Local Artists for inventory were as follows: Dance (Cultural, Hiphop/Popular, Modern/Contemporary), Music (Chorale Group, Drum & Lyre/Bugle, Band), Visual Arts, Letters & Theaters/Cinema, Indigenous Arts/Handicraft (Wood Carving, Handloom Weaving, Embroidery, Beadworks, Brass/Pottery-Making), Fashion Design (Contemporary, Indigenous), Culture & Arts Council, List of Settlers, List of Museums/ Galleries,List of Festival (Barangays, Municipal).

          The sectors monitored are presently under the 7 Philippine arts/disciplines promoted by the National Commission of Culture and the Arts (NCCA).

          The towns monitored and were given the list or Inventory of Culture and Arts Groups/ Local Artists were T’boli, Lake Sebu, Tampakan, Surallah and Tupi.

          Culture and Arts Focal Person Indira “Dinky” Cagaanan will report the result of the inventory during the 4th Quarterly LCAC meeting scheduled sometime November this year.(pho credit: google)






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