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After Kawayan Festival, PROTECH introduces monthly “gimiks”

After the successful re-launching of Kawayan Festival 2015 at the Productivity and Technology (PROTECH) Center last February 26 – March 7, PROTECH Center will introduce new activities or “gimiks” every month to encourage more patrons to visit it particularly during weekends.

The first “gimik” after Kawayan Festival dubbed “Archillax” started on March 13 until March 31 and featured nightly bazaar, “ukay-ukay,” food court, South Cotabato Products Showcase, weekend “live” band and the latest dance-exercise craze “Zumba.”

Asst. Provincial Planning and Development Coordinator and PROTECH Center Manager Emmanuel Jumilla disclosed that they launched “Archillax” to continue the momentum of the Kawayan Festival at the PROTECH Center.

For the whole month of April, Jumilla added, their “gimik” will be called “Aprilific” while for May it is named “Maysinadya.”

The activities for Aprilific and Sinadya include Plants and Ornamentals Display, Trade Fair and Bazaar, Weekend Zumba (every Friday), “Free” Video-ke Singing (every Thursday and Sunday), Acoustic Band (every Friday and Saturday), Organic Farming Seminars, Thematic Showcase and Theatrical Arts Show.

“The activities featured after the re-launching of Kawayan Festival will practically be the same to that of Aprilific and Sinadya, but with a new “twist” with the introduction of new activities In April and May,” Jumilla stressed.

PROTECH Center has undergone improvement of its facilities particularly at the back portion where it was designated as an activity center and made its debut during T’nalak Festival 2014.

Some 62 exhibitors coming from multi-national companies, micro-entrepreneurs, national government agencies, non-government organizations and local government units occupied the space for rent offered by the management during the said festival.






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