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AICS program serves over 28,000 residents in 2023

Over 28,000 residents of the province of South Cotabato received various forms of assistance from the Assistance to Individuals in Crisis Situation or AICS Program in the year 2023.

According to Provincial Social Welfare and Development Officer Sonia L. Basutista, the number of individuals who benefited from the program reached 28,125, including medical, financial, burial, and hospital assistance.

Bautista further stated that the majority of beneficiaries were in the medical category, totaling 12,888, while 10,488 received hospital assistance, and 3,230 received burial assistance.

Additionally, 1,519 clients received financial assistance from various programs such as IHF, MAF, and other donations.

At present, there are 150 clients daily seeking assistance in the province, and the office continues to provide services to meet their needs.

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