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Airshed Board conducts another round of anti-smoke belching campaign

South Cotabato Airshed Governing Board (SCAGB) conducted vehicle smoke emission testing anew in Surallah LGU recently as part of its regular year-round and province-wide anti-smoke belching campaign .

SCAGB is composed of DENR-EMB 12, DENR 12 and other national line agencies, PEMO and City/Municipal ENROs, and NGOs.

Surallah LGU vehicles, including some employees’ vehicles and private vehicles plying along the town’s national highway were chosen randomly and subjected to emission testing.

Of the 5 diesel-fed vehicles tested, only 1 failed the emission test; likewise, 1 out of 23 gasoline-fed vehicles failed in the emission test. 19 of the gasoline-fed vehicles were motorcycles.

SCAGB used the Euro Four Standard in conducting their vehicle smoke emission testing to comply with the international smoke-belching standards.

Similar emission test by SCAGB are expected among LGUs before the year ends.

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