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Anti-poverty program under Tamayo administration kick-off at Sitio Blit

LAKE SEBU, SOUTH COTABATO- The Provincial Government of South Cotabato through the leadership of Governor Reynaldo S. Tamayo, Jr. together with the staff of PPDO, PDRRMO, PSWDO, BAU, PVET, IPHO, and PIO came to visit the Sitio Blit one of the sititos in Barangay Ned, Lake Sebu to provide immediate interventions needed by the community.

The convergence program is a program that uses combined resources and efforts of government agencies, local government units, business sector and non-government organizations to fight poverty, in a fiesta-like setting.

During the community needs profiling, the residents identified few immediate assistance and long term projects that would help them live a much better life and come up with a sustainable livelihood program.

It is expected that by earliest possible time, the government will install the water system in the community to provide potable water and also irrigation for their agricultural products.

The province also distributed additional farm materials/gardening tools (15 pcs. lagaraw, 15 pcs. shovel, 3 pcs. rake, 10 pcs. guna, 8 pcs. sprinkler, 3 pcs. pail, 15 pcs. gloves, and 2 pcs. hole digger.

Aside from the mentioned above, the team also conducted medical mission, polio vaccine, supplemental feeding program, youth and women organization orientation, vaccine and vitamins for the animals, and entertainment for the children.

Gov Tamayo assures that the Government will continue to support the program especially that they needed it most.

Nheliz T. Dudim is the President of the association of the farmers, extends heartfelt gratitude to the government particularly to Governor Tamayo for bringing the program accessible to their sitio.

“Madamo gid nga salamat kay Governor Tamayo sa dako nga bulig niya dire sa amon sitio, nalipay gid kami kay natagaan man sang palangabuhian ang akon mga upod.” Dudim said during his message.

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