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Bantayog-Wika monument recognizing Tboli language to rise in Lake Sebu

The 14th Bantayog-Wika monument will soon rise in Lake Sebu in recognition of the Tboli language by the Komisyon ng Wikang Filipino.
National artists for Literature and KWF chairperson Virgilio Almario recently led the groundbreaking of the language monument situated at the eco-cultural park near the town plaza.
Bantayog which comes from the word “Bantay” and “Matayog” symbolizes a pedestal heralding the rich intangible cultural heritage of the country, this time in the field of literature to strengthen the country’s sense of identity.
Almario said the establishment of language monument will be first in the whole world that features at least 133 languages.
The bamboo-inspired sculpture has a diameter of 10 ft. x 2 ft. high which was designed by Luis Yee Jr. It is made of stainless steel bearing a text on the marker with a baybayin version of “Pag-ibig sa Tinubuang Bayan” by Andres Bonifacio. At night, people can read the text when lighted.
Almario said the Bantayog –Wika sculpture costs at least Php750,000 coming from the KWF while the counterpart of the local government starts at Php100,000 for the establishment of the pedestal.
“Local government units have the freedom to design the pedestal according to their respective identity in their locality.”, He added,
Almario said, with the significance of the marker and its unique designs it can also become one of the cultural tourist destinations in the area.

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