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“Bugal Lokal” features local fashion artists and artisans

The culmination for this month’s National Arts Month celebration spearheaded by the Provincial Government of South Cotabato through the Arts Culture Tourism and Museum (ACTM) Development and promotions Unit will feature “Bugal  Lokal”, a showcase of fashion Designers and Local Artisans of South Cotabato on February 27, 2021, 2 pm at the Mall of Ace Centerpoint Lobby.

“Bugal Lokal” which means local pride in Hiligaynon aims to celebrate the victories of the local fashion artists and artisans amid the challenges brought about by the Cov-d-19 pandemic.

Senior Tourism Office Argie Ryan Asaria said, at least 16 participating designers will showcase their works.

These will include Dante Mana, Mark Pabon, Nix Longno, Joel Mallo, Archie Castillo, Jerrussed Quillentos, Sherwin Tingson, James Gellamucho, Kris Balao, Ambrosio  Cabayao, Sofia Jude  Palmejar, Charice Balderas, Jenny Villarmino, Razel Alimanggo, Tonet Dacillo and Jeffrey Dalupere.

They will also be joined by the Tboli Knoon  and  COWHED Artisans.

The activity will also be an avenue for fashion designers and local artisans to sell their work of art.

Asaria called on South Cotabateños to support local products specially made from Tnalak or Tabih, the very reason why we are called the “ Land of the Dreamweavers”.

Attendees are also encouraged to wear something cultural during the said event.

Aside from this event, other activities conducted to highlight the month-long celebration include the conduct of a  Press Conference, 9th Drama Festival on February 14 (Valentine’s Day), “SineDukyo : Mobile Documentary Film Making Training/Workshop (Virtual Training) on February 13 – 14 and Training/Workshop on  Policy Declaration on Arts and Crafts of South Cotabato on February 18; Literary Online Festival on February 16 and Travel Sketching by artist John AndrewDenila with South Cotabato Bloggers.

Asaria added, aside from the activities from ACTM, other municipalities such as Lake Sebu and Tboli have their own observance of the celebration.

This year’s National Arts Month celebration carries the theme; “Alab Sining, Alay Sigla”.


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