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Clean & Green Contest Validation underway

Validation of the Clean & Green Contest (Best Barangay Category) conducted by South Cotabato’s 10 municipalities and lone city a month earlier is now underway in preparation for the awarding on November 18 which is celebrated as South Cotabato Ecology Day.

Supervising Environment Management Specialist Elbe Balucanag, Provincial Environment Management Office (PEMO) – Environment Management Division chief disclosed that the Technical Working Group (TWG) currently undertaking the validation  of the top 5 winning barangays are PEMO, PIO, PPDO, IPHO, PGO-ACTM, South Cotabato Foundation Inc, and corporate giant Dole Philippines.

The top 5 winning Cleanest & Greenest barangays per :LGU, according to Balucanag,  will receive their cash incentives during Ecology Day. Cash incentives are P100,000 (First Prize), P50,000 (Second Prize), P35,000 (Third Prize), P20,000 (Fourth Day) and P13,400 (Fifth Prize).

For the Best Community Garden Category which is presently being evaluated by the team of evaluators. Dole Philipprnes  will sponsor the cash peize of P60,000 which will be divided equally among the top 3 winners at P20,000 each, Balucanag added.

Resurce Speakers will be invited anf likewise a Quiz Bee will be held during activity day.




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