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– Clean & Green TWG revises mechanics, guidelines

The Search for Cleanest & Greemest LGU Technical Working Group (TWG) revised the Mechanics, Guidelines and Criteria of said province-wide contest for 2024.

In an orientation meeting among TWG members recently spearheaded by Provincial Environment Management Officer Siegfred Flaviano, the TWG revised the Mechanics, Guidelines and Criteria based on the Seal of Good Local Governance (SGLG) criteria.

The TWG members in attendance were representatives from PEMO, PPDO, PIO, PGO-ACTM, South Corabato Foundation Inc., Dole Philippines and DIL G as Head Secretariat.

An orientation with the Municipal Clean & Green TWG of the 11 LGUs is scheduled on March 25.

The competing LGUs will be judged on their Clean and Green Governance, Barangay, Public Market, Public Plaza and Parks and Public Terminal.





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