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Early prep for more culture related events await this year’s Tnalak fest

The Executive Committee of this year’s 21st Tnalak fest and 54th Founding anniversary of the province has started to lay down plans for the upcoming event in July.
Under the new administration of Governor Reynaldo Tamayo, the festivity will focus more on the cultural identity of the province.
Aside from the Tri-People Grand Parade showcasing the three dances of the Madal Be’Lan, Kadsagayan Alalan, and the Kasadyahan sa Kapatagan, several new events will also be featured this year in support to culture and the arts efforts of the province.
One of these is the conduct of the 1st Tnalak Fashion Design Contest in support of all our budding designers all over the province.
South Cotabato has produced designers who have made a name for themselves using Tnalak cloth such as Jared Servano, Ivan Raborar and Jearson Demavivas.
Another activity is the putting-up of a cultural village which will also feature the display of Tnalak cloth and designs, Tboli beadworks and accessories, local food and other products.
There will also be a showcase of Tnalak weaving during the duration of the festivity.
During the 1st Tnalak Execom Meeting held earlier, ExeCom Chairperson and Provincial Administrator Atty. Renette Bergado said the committee should think of any new events which will entice more guests to come over to witness.
Based on the initial plans, the event which runs for about a week will be celebrated for nine days starting July 10-18, 2020 with the theme: Nurturing our culture: Sharing Our Best”.

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