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EO to be drafted to demolish illegal fish pens in Lake Sebu

An Executive Order (EO) is currently being drafted for implementation regarding the demolition of existing illegal fish pens in Lake Sebu, the Provincial Environment Management Office (EMO) reported.

PEMO – Forest & Inland Water Management Division chief Forester Mary Jane Manlisis disclosed that the draft EO is being prepared by their Legal Desk for signature of Lake Sebu Mayor Antonio Fungan with the implementation centered on the strict implementation of the 10% allowable aquaculture zone.

Earlier this year, Lake Sebu experienced massive fishkill which costs hundreds of millions in pesos in damage to the thriving tilapia aquaculture industry of the municipality due to excessive fish farming that reached 22%, or more than 12% of the allowable limit of the aquaculture zone.

Based on the summary of illegal and excess structure gathered from Office of the Municipal Agriculturist, 15 barangays of the town have excess cages totaling to 208,910 square meters (sq.m.) and another 212,350 sq.m. have no permits or a total of 421,320 sq.m. subject to b be demolish.

The EO was presented during the Technical Working Group (TWG) meeting of the Lake Sebu Rehabilitation, Conservation and Development Program (LSRCDP) conducted last May 5 at El Galong Water Park Lake Resort of said town.

The LSRCDP-TWG is composed of representatives of the Offices of the Municipal Agriculturist, Municipal Environment and Natural Resources, Municipal Planning and Development Coordinator, Municipal Tourism, Municipal Social Welfare and Development, Municipal Engineer, Municipal Treasurer, Municipal Assessor, Zoning Officer, Business Permits and Licensing, Lake Sebu PNP, PEMO and DENR-PASU-AVPL.

PEMO said that if fully implemented, the EO will be the solution to the recurring occurrence of fish kill that happens annually in the said town.

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