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Extension Building of South Cotabato Provincial Hospital Nears Completion

South Cotabato, May 22, 2024 – The extension building of the South Cotabato Provincial Hospital is now 75% complete, according to Governor Reynaldo Tamayo, Jr. The Governor announced that an additional budget allocation of PHP 50 million is underway to ensure the project’s timely completion.

“The extension building is a significant development in our efforts to improve healthcare services in South Cotabato,” Governor Tamayo stated. “With the project now three-quarters finished, we are committed to securing the necessary funds to see it through to completion.”

The extension project, which aims to enhance the capacity and services of the provincial hospital, has been a top priority for the provincial government. Governor Tamayo emphasized that the total budget for the project has been set at PHP 300 million. This comprehensive allocation is intended to cover all aspects of the construction, including the acquisition of essential equipment and the fulfillment of necessary infrastructural needs.

“The PHP 300 million budget will ensure that the extension building is fully equipped and operational,” Governor Tamayo explained. “This includes not only the construction work but also the procurement of  medical equipment and the establishment of necessary facilities to provide high-quality healthcare services to our residents.”

The extension building is expected to significantly enhance the hospital’s capacity to serve the growing population of South Cotabato. Once completed, it will provide additional rooms and facilities to accommodate more patients, reduce waiting times, and improve overall healthcare delivery in the province.

Governor Tamayo highlighted the importance of this project in meeting the healthcare needs of the community. “Our goal is to provide accessible and efficient healthcare services to every resident of South Cotabato. The extension of our provincial hospital is a crucial step in achieving this goal,” he said.

The provincial government is working closely with contractors and stakeholders to ensure that the project progresses smoothly and meets the targeted completion date. Residents of South Cotabato can look forward to the improved services and facilities that the new extension building will bring.


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