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Increasing income through hydroponics

LAKE SEBU, South Cotabato- Tilapia is the main source of income in Lake Sebu.
The family of Aling Martha is one of the owners of fish cages situated at the almost 354-hectare lake waters of Sebu, the biggest lake in the municipality.
Three years ago, a massive fish kill that destroyed millions worth of tilapia in the lake posted a big set back on the income of the fish cage owners.
And the family of Aling Martha was one of the affected operators.
With the introduction of the Lake Sebu Rehabilitation, Conservation & Development program of the Provincial Environment and Management Office (PEMO) in 2016, a Lake Shore Beautification and Greening program was born wherein the search for the cleanest and the greenest household was launched at Sitio San Miguel, Barangay Poblacion here. With only ten households participating, the program emerged as one of the newest destinations in the area.
The small sitio imbued with lush ornamentals planted in recyclable bottles and planters have become one of the eye-catching sites in the area.
The PEMO has introduced hydroponics, the method of growing plants without soil and placing them in the waters to grow instead. Banking on the availability of the water in the lake, PEMO Chief Seigfred Flaviano said, the residents, can make use of the method not only to beautify their place but to gain income as well.
Just like the family of Helen Muyco, who sells Php80-100/kilo of their lettuce at a nearby resort, the project can earn them income aside from raising tilapia.
“It is also organic, fresh and free from chemicals,” Muyco said.
With the aid of other government agencies, it is hoped that this small community will flourish aside from being fish cage operators but become part of other community-based tourism projects as well.

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