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Know facts about Monky Pox, IPHO says

Koronadal City–Monkey pox is silently spreading in 25 countries as of press time but, there are no recorded cases in the Philippines, Provincial Health Officer Rogelio Aturdido said during the weekly Kapihan sa Kapitolyo.

Dr. Aturdido said Monkey Pox is a viral disease and endemic to countries in African region. However, he said cases are seen in countries in the US and Canada.

“The primary infection halin sa isa ka hayop kag nakatakod sang tao.  The seconbdary infection, meanwhile is from an infected person to another person,” Aturdido explained. The incubation period is from five days to 14 days from exposure.

However, John Codilla, Infectious Disease Cluster Head, said that studies revealed that incubation period is 5-10 days.

“This is a reemerging infectious disease unlike COVID 19,” Codilla said.

He also pointed out that diseases like Monkey Pox is a result from disturbed rain forests just like the tropical rain forests of African countries. Most of these diseases are from wild animals which affected human due to the imbalance ecology.

The spread of Monkey Pox is slower compared to COVID 19, but Codilla emphasized that, “it is alarming.”

Mortality rate is 10 percent or 10 persons in every 1000 cases. Health officials also confirmed that vaccine for monkey pox are not available.

“We will apply supportive medication for monkey pox. If a person has fever, we will give him medicines for fever. If the suspected person has no infection, we will not give him antibiotic ,” Codilla said.

Like chicken pox, symptoms of monkey pox are fever, muscle pain and lesions appear on the face and palms of hands.

“Follow social distancing and avoid crowded places,” he stressed out, encouraging the public of proper hygiene.

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