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KPSGIAP opens scholarship program until August

The KPSGIAP announces the opening for the scholarship program that will comprise the Batch 18 for the degree Category this incoming school year, 2022-2023.
Atty. Rhonalyn Gallego, KPSGIAP UNit head clarified that the application is open only to incoming first-year college students.
She added that the scholarship is inclusive to poor but deserving students in South Cotabato who belong to the eight categories.
These categories include the academic achievers who have an annual income of Php200,000 and below (Category A); academic achievers whose family income is more than Php200k but not more than Php300k (Category B);  those who have given the honor to the province at the national or international level (Category C), Persons with Disability (Category D), Indigenous People (Category E), Muslim (Category F), Single Parent (Category G), Extra-Curricular and Non-Academic Merit (Category H).
Based on the guidelines of the scholarship, the following scholars will get the following benefits:
For those who  will study at the State Universities or Colleges, the scholars who belong to the categories  A, D, E, F, G, and H, these are the benefits:
-Free Tuition under RA 10931
-Monthly Stipend P 17,500 (3,500 x 5 months/semester)
-Book Allowance P 2,500/Semester
Total P 20,000.00 per semester or P 40,000.00/year
For Private University or College, the grantee can avail of Php15,000 for tuition and matriculation per Semester and a monthly stipend of P 17,500 (3,500 X 5 months/semester) or a total P 32,500.00 per semester or 65,000.00/year.
Scholars in State Universities and colleges can also avail themselves of Summer classes prescribed in the Course Prospectus with the maximum amount of  P5,250.
Those studying in Private universities or Colleges can avail of a maximum amount of  P10,250 per summer class prescribed under their prospectus.
For Category B,  those studying at a State University or College,  scholars can avail of the following:
-Free Tuition under RA 10931
-Monthly Stipend P 7,500 (1,500 x 5 months/semester)
-Book Allowance P 2,500/Semester
Total P 10,000.00 per semester or P 20,000.00/year
For Category C,  scholars who enroll in State University or College will receive privileges such as Free tuition under RA 10931, a Monthly Stipend of P 35,000 (7,000 X 5 months), or a total of P 35,000.00 per semester or 70,000.00/year.
For those enrolled in Private universities or College Students, they will receive tuition and matriculation fees amounting to P 40,000.00 and a monthly Stipend P 35,000 (7,000 X 5 months) or a total of  P 75,000.00 per semester or 150,000.00/year.
The application will tentatively run until August 2022.

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