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Lake Sebu “Kamahong” Fishkill damage now over P800K

Damage to tilapia operators in Lake Sebu due to the fishkill phenomenon which natives called as “kamahong” have now amounted to P816,300.00, according to fishery officials based in the area.

In a joint Damage Assessment Report submitted by the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources, Lake Sebu Municipal Agriculture Office and Lake Sebu Rehabilitation, Conservation and Development pProgram, kamahong hit 70 fish cages with an estimated 9,070 kilograms (9 metric tons) of tilapia fish affected.

Tilapia was estimated by the concerned agencies to have a current value of P90.00 per kilogram in the market.

The fish cages, the report added, were owned by 28 operators based in Tabite, Rosas, Lamsufo, Bakikot, Lambanig, Isla Grande, Lot 70, 3-Fingers and Poblacion, all in Lake Sebu.

In an interview, LSRCDP Supervisor Carlos Legaste narrated that the fishkill started slowly on October 4 due to bad weather, which further aggravated it during the succeeding days when heavy rainfall, strong wind and slight occurrence of sunlight were experienced in the area.

“On October 6 and 7, operators started removing damaged tilapia in their fish cages. Fishkill is caused by the low dissolved oxygen in the lake water,” Lgaste added.

But Legaste pointed that tilapia in Lake Sebu is still fit for consumption except those that are rotten already.

Concerned agencies, Legaste further disclosed, will continue to monitor the fishkill occurrence and will give updates from time-to-time.

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