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Malnutrition in South Cotabato still decreasing

After the five percent malnutrition prevalence rate in 2016, South Cotabato managed to bring it down to 3.41 percent in 2018.

Maria Ana Uy, Provincial Nutrition Action Officer, said the World Health Organization (WHO) cut off is five percent.

“Abi namon Wala na ini sang ikanubo pero thankful gid kami nga for three years nagnubo pa gid,” Uy stressed out.

Among preschoolers aged zero to 59 months, children whose weight did not match his height were 1.72 percent compared to 3.26 percent in 2016.

Meanwhile, the prevalence rate of children who are “putot” or stunted was recorded at 9.3 percent from 11.5 percent in 2017.

“Aside from our nutrition workers, we are also thankful for our partner agencies which played a significant role in delivering nutrition-related activities,” Uy explained.

The top five towns with a high prevalence rate of undernutrition were in Tboli, Tampakan, Banga, Tupi and Lake Sebu.

Six barangays in Banga were in the top 20 list of Barangays with a high prevalence of undernutrition in 2018, but there were more children who are putot in14 barangays in Tboli.

“Stunting is the worst result of prolonged hunger,” Uy said.

Last year, South Cotabato launched the newest nutrition-related project Bata Alagaan, Tamang Atensyon Kailangan or BATAK, a Hiligaynon term to alleviate. There were 566 beneficiaries received a hot meal and fresh milk.

All women beneficiaries delivered normal weighed babies, Uy reported.

“This is the first step to ensure a healthy 1000 days of a baby,” Uy said.

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