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Multi-million dollar solar power project soon to rise in Surallah

The Provincial Development Council (PDC) has endorsed during its recent council meeting the solar power project at Barangay Centrala in the municipality of Surallah.

In its presentation, NV Vogt, a European company, plans to construct an 8-hectare solar farm that can generate 5 megawatts of power that is expected to bring in US 12 million dollars in investments for the province.

The council unanimously endorsed the project, citing among others, the benefits that it will bring specifically in filling the energy vacuum in the province using the best alternative power from sustainable clean energy.

Aside from this, PDC saw the potential of the venture in terms of job generation, incremental tax revenues, reduction of power shortages, increase in eco-tourism opportunities and enhance local and foreign investors’ confidence.

Considering the massive investment that the company will contribute to the local economy, the province offered a 10-year tax exemption as an incentive pending revision of the Provincial Revenue Code.

Additional incentive offered by the province is the concreting of the 3-kilometer road leading to the solar farm from the highway to support the infrastructure needs of the industry.

Likewise, the province assured the investors its full support especially in providing a safe, secure and peaceful environment o conduct their business.

With this positive manifestation of the province, NV Vogt Chairman Anton Milner proposed for an additional US 10 million dollars in the next 2 years if the initial investment will be facilitated, and an additional commitment to establish a                      Training Center on Solar Technology in the province.

NV Vogt, told PDC members they are investing South Cotabato because it has “one of the lowest crime rate and highest drop in crime rates in the country.”


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