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Nighttime Road Crashes in South Cotabato Surge

South Cotabato, Philippines – Police authorities shed light on the major causes behind a staggering 289 out of 336 road crashes that occurred in the province, particularly during nighttime. The findings underscore the urgent need for heightened awareness and stricter enforcement of road safety measures.

Police Major Ramil Aruelo, SCPPO Information Officer, said one of the primary culprits behind road accidents is the menace of drunk-driving. Motorists operating vehicles under the influence of alcohol pose a serious risk to themselves and others on the road. South Cotabato authorities emphasize the importance of responsible alcohol consumption and the grave consequences of driving while impaired.

Aruelo said reckless and destructive driving behaviors, over-speeding, failing to give-way, and disregarding traffic rules contribute significantly to the rising number of road crashes

He expressed concern over the prevalence of nighttime road crashes and emphasized the need for collective efforts to address the root causes.

“Our priority is to enhance road safety through education, awareness, and stringent law enforcement. We urge motorists to exercise caution and responsibility, especially during nighttime when visibility is reduced,” stated Aruelo.

Local law enforcement agencies, in collaboration with traffic management offices, are intensifying efforts to address these issues. This includes increased patrols, awareness campaigns, and stricter penalties for traffic violations.

As South Cotabato grapples with the challenges posed by nighttime road crashes, a concerted effort is required from both authorities and the community to create a safer road environment. The goal is to reduce accidents, save lives, and ensure that road users can travel without fear of encountering avoidable hazards.

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