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No new ASF case in South Cotabato in the last 11 months—PVET

The Provincial Veterinary claimed that no new case of ASF was reported in South Cotabato in the last 11 months.

Dr. Ella Rose Frugalidad reported that the Bureau of Animal Industry upgraded the status of the town of Suralah from a red zone to a pink or buffer.

“Based on the ASF Progression report, there were no cases detected since October 2022 up to the present. Out of the six red or quarantined areas, BAI approved the application of Suralah after a thorough evaluation,” Frugalidad said.

BAI declared Suralah as ASF-free last June 14 after the submission of necessary documents under the Guidelines of ASF Recovery.

“The progression from red to pink zone signifies release from quarantine as a first step towards recovery and repopulation from ASF,” Frugalidad explained.

Suralah proceeds to sentilling, where hogs are introduced to previously infected hog farms and tested for ASF after 40 days.

“Once the sentinel hogs tested negative, the municipality can apply for repopulation. In other words, Suralah will wait for the approval for repopulation,” Frugalided stressed.

The remaining LGUS tagged as red zones due to ASF infection have submitted their documents for approval from BAI.

The towns of Banga, Norala, Tantangan, Sto. Nino and the City of Koronadal are considered red zone because of ASF.

Frugalidad reminded other towns to take extra caution in accepting undocumented hogs and pork by-products. She said that restrictions on movement are still in place to protect the borders of South Cotabato e from possible entry of infected hogs.

“We are reminding all our hog raisers, backyard and commercial alike, to observe strict biosecurity within their farms,” Frugalidad added. restrictions on the movement of hogs and


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