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No ‘online membership processing,’ Philhealth warns public

Koronadal City—Philhealth clears out that, “there is no such thing as online membership processing,” stressing that this is a kind of fraud, a high-ranking official from the regional office warned the public.

Nevin Hallegado, Chief of the Membership Division of Philhealth 12, announced that “online membership processing defrauds Philhealth.”

“I have to emphasize that there is no online membership processing more so, the printing of Philhealth ID. The distribution of ID is on case to case basis,” Hallegado explained.

Meanwhile, he said Philhealth is investigating a hospital in the region involved in helping a patient borrowed a Philhealth identity of a certain principal member to process hospital bills.

“Under the new Universal Health Care law, we hope this thing will not happen since all Filipinos can receive quality health care any moment he is hospitalized,” he said.

In region 12, membership is increasing. As of May 2019, Hallegado said population with coverage is 84 percent.  Last year, Philhealth achieved 97 percent.

He encouraged the public to be his or her own protector of the Philhealth fund.


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