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Norala residents express gratitude to Gov Tamayo for completion of ₱6M bridge linking brgy. Liberty and brgy. San Jose

NORALA, SOUTH COTABATO – The completion of the bridge connecting Barangay San Jose and Liberty in the town of Norala, funded with 6 million pesos, marks a significant milestone for the community.

Governor Reynaldo S. Tamayo, Jr. issued a directive to fast-track infrastructure projects in the province, aiming to improve travel convenience for residents, particularly students commuting to schools and farmers transporting their goods.

Governor Tamayo stressed the importance of this project, highlighting its role in enhancing the efficiency of government services through improved connectivity.

Solgabar Canja, a resident of Purok Everlasting in Brgy. Liberty, shared the challenges faced in product transportation, citing the burden of paying 20 pesos per sack for loading onto motorcycles.

“It’s very difficult in our situation here, because we have to pay P20 pesos per sack of our produce to be loaded onto motorcycles and sold,” Canja expressed.

With the completion of the bridge, residents anticipate a smoother daily life after enduring hardships for five decades.

Their gratitude towards Governor Tamayo is profound, especially for those whose livelihoods heavily rely on farming.

Governor Tamayo’s extensive visits to the 199 barangays across the province reflect a commitment to understanding the residents’ true circumstances and addressing their needs effectively.

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