Bringing services closer to South Cotabate├▒os by opening contracting and procurement data

The Province of South Cotabato has committed to make the public procurement process more efficient and transparent; and the procurement data more useful, readable, and gender-sensitive, through the development of ONLINE and OFFLINE OPEN CONTRACTING MECHANISMS.

This Open Contracting Webpage is an online system created by and for the Provincial Government of South Cotabato, local Civil Society Organizations, and local businesses

This webpage aims to:

PROVIDE existing and potential contractors and suppliers updated and easy to navigate procurement documents and bid opportunities. It also provides tools such as market survey and contract status tracker;

ASSIST citizens monitor procurement through the visualizations, analyses, and machine readable procurement data.

Making the procurement process more OPEN, EFFICIENT and INCLUSIVE will enhance the capacity of the provincial government to implement quality infrastructure projects AS SCHEDULED, and consequently, DELIVER EFFECTIVE and EFFICIENT SERVICES TO THE PUBLIC. The improved quality of procured goods and services will increase LOCAL COMPETITIVENESS and accelerate LOCAL ECONOMIC GROWTH.