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P1.8M-worth dog impounding facility to operate this year

Koronadal City—The Dog Impounding Facility, which is funded by the Provincial Government of South Cotabato, located in Barangay Centrala, Suralah will possibly operate this year as the construction is nearly completed.

Dr. Flora Bigot, Provincial Veterinary Officer, in a statement at the Provincial Veterinary Facebook Page said, “…soon to be operated by the Local Government of Suralah thru the Office of the Municipal Agriculture.”

The P1.8M facility will accommodate stray dogs in town and nearby towns to control stray dogs and address animal rabies incidence in South Cotabato.

The Provincial Government allocated necessary funds for the construction of the facility but the LGU shall be ready in handling the operations.

The facility is designed based on the criteria set by the Animal Welfare Act. Implementing Rules and Regulations will be set for the operation of the facility. It is a center to impound and put down dogs that are of a grave threat to the community.

In most of the dog impounding facilities in the Philippines, the dog owner is set to pay a necessary amount to get back his dog.

Stray dogs are prone to rabies. Rabies is a life-threatening disease which animals, specifically dogs are the carrier of this disease. Animals with rabies transfer the virus to other animals and to people through saliva following a bite or a scratch.

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