PADAC launches tele-Psychosocial First Aid Helpline to distress individuals

The Provincial Government of South Cotabato through the Provincial Anti-Drug Abuse Council chaired by Governor Reynaldo S. Tamayo Jr., in partnership with the  Integrated Provincial Health Office, and the United Registered Social Workers launches the local tele-Psychosocial First Aid Helpline to cater to distress individuals especially in this time of the pandemic.

Covid-19 has a significant effect on the health, economic, and psychosocial well-being of the entire humanity. In these challenging and uncertain times, everyone needs psychosocial first aid and support and other interventions based on international/national standards.

This initiative aims for the following:

  1. To mobilize Registered Social Workers and other professionals from local to be a volunteer as psychosocial First Aiders.
  2. To provide PSS/PFA and other interventions based on international/national standards
  3. To restore social functioning or person under stress in a safe and compassionate environment.
  4. To promote connectedness and hope by strengthening self and group efficacy.
  5. To promote a state of calm and serenity through advocacy for basic social safety nets.                            Anybody who needs help is enjoined to contact their helpline.



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