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PEMO installs Bio-Diversity Corridor markers in Tampakan, Tupi

The Provincial Environment and Management Office (PEMO) had broken ground in its Bio-Diversity Corridor Project with the establishment of markers along its boundaries.


PEMO – Forest and Inland Water chief Forester Mary Jane Manlisis disclosed that 460 markers were established in ten boundaries located in Tampakan and Tupi towns.


Forester Manlisis added that, the markers will help identify itself as a bio-diversity corridor  among areas adjacent  to it.


The markers are located in barangays Lampitak, Lambayong, Maltana and Kipalbig in Tampakan and barangays Kablon, Cebuano, Linan, Acmonan, Miasong and Poblacion in Tupi.


Prior to the planting of markers, Manisis further added, an orientation was first conducted among the ten barangay councils involved in the project, with a core group organized per barangay council.


Three indigenous “flora” or plant species were also identified and recorded during the marking process and these include “nabol”, “lanete” and “hindang’ wood species.


The bio-diversity corridor, particularly in Linan , Tupi, is also home to the tarsier, dubbed the world’s smallest monkey and considered an endangered specie.


PEMO-FIWD will also conduct an Agro-Ecological Zoning (AEZ) seminar with  240 individuals expected to attend among the ten barangay councils.















































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