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PEMO to introduce plastic fish cages in Lake Sebu

Traditional bamboo pens will be a thing of the past in Lake Sebu as the Provincial Environment Management Office (PEMO) will introduce starting this year permanent and durable fish cages made up of pipes and plastic containers that will serve as floaters.

Loida Villa, PEMO’s Environment Management Specialist under the Forest and Inland Water Division disclosed that fish farmers that who are bona fide residents of Lake Sebu can avail such fish cages under its “Convert Now, Pay Later” scheme.

“The cost of labor and materials under said scheme is P20,000.00 for each fish cage operator and they will pay it in installment basis,” Villa stressed.

An initial 150 fish cages will be constructed or assembled from the first quarter up to the third quarter of this year for a total investment of P 3 million.

The project’s source of funds will come from the province’s 5% Calamity Fund for calendar year 2015.

Recipients of this project are assured of long term use of the fish cages with minimal maintenance.

Villa added that the project will “help reduce the organic load present and improve water circulation in the lake, thus minimizing water pollution.”

“The project will further promote the tourism industry in Lake Sebu by enhancing aquaculture industry through uniform fish pen structures. Besides, we will further improve its panoramic view,’ Villa emphasized.
















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