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PESU projects 29k COVID cases in South Cotabato before September ends

Koronadal City—Local transmission of COVID in South Cotabato might reach up to 29, 901 cases before September ends, the Provincial Epidemiology and Surveillance Unit (PESU) confirmed during an orientation activity with Health Education Promotions Officers recently.

John Lemuel Dalisay, Statistician 1, reported that there would be a ballooning COVID case if communication campaigns, systems, and policy interventions were low. However, it would break a projected 17, 281 record lower when interventions are emphasized.

PESU explained that transmission reduces when preventative measures, including lockdowns, minimum health standards, and other factors that may affect the spread of the virus between vulnerable and an infectious individual, are strengthened.

However, Dalisay said the PESU data is a forecast based on the current trend and it “might go higher or lower.”

“Keep a distance; talk with a face mask on; wash hands with soap or alcohol,” and a few reminders kept going on as HEPO Hannah Ebeo urged the public to practice health protocols to stay away from COVID.

Get vaccinated, Ebeo said, stressing the importance of vaccines as a way to combat COVID.

In South Cotabato, there are 169, 950 people who received a full dosed of COVID vaccine, 78 percent got SINOVAC.

Vaccines undergo various scientific experiments and are safe to use, Ebeo stressed out.

The Philippine government allocated  207,166 dose in South Cotabato, 82 percent were administered as of September 9, 2021. There are five brands of vaccines available in the province– SINOVAC, Moderna, Pfizer, Janssen, Aztraceneca.

“Please let us help the government beat COVID by submitting yourselves for vaccination and follow health protocols,” Ebeo added.









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