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Philhealth XII readies hospital claims in 16 days

Koronadal City—Philhealth in SOCSKSARGEN region takes only an average of 16 days to pay hospital claims when under the Universal Health Care law processing documents would entail 60 days, making them as one of the fastest regional offices in the country to make transactions.

Dr. Antoniette Ladio, Health Care Delivery Management Chief, said since January of this year Philhealth pushed for 20 days to pay hospital claims and the days has been cut down to 15 days in the months of February and March.

“We have been implementing strategies to improve and make transactions easier and faster,” Ladio said during a recent press conference.

The Philippine Government is implementing reforms in its bid to change its ranking of Ease of Doing Business.

Ladio stressed out strategies like hiring additional manpower to supplement the increasing number of claims, maximizing the workforce with two shifts schedules.

PhilHealth XII received an average of 60, 000 claims each month.

“We can process at least 2, 000 claims every day,” he further explained.

The Information Technology of the office holds responsible for the innovations, providing barcode scanners to encode the documents easily and with ease.

Under the UHC law, the Implementing Rules and Regulations set payment mechanisms to assure easier steps to gain the claim.

Since 2015, the Philippine Government pledge to cut procedures to guarantee the ease of doing business. In the last three years, more government offices, including PhilHealth, speed up administrative processes to improve the country’s ranking and be on the top third quartile ranking in competitiveness.

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