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PMRB lifts suspension order on 2 errant SSM operators

The Provincial Mining Regulatory Board (PMRB) lifted the temporary suspension order to operate on 2 small-scale mining (SSM) operators in Kematu, T’boli found operating their respective tunnel in an unsafe working condition for miners.

PMRB Chairperson Constancio Paye Jr., DENR-MGB 12 Regional Director, issued the order in concurrence with the board to allow SSM permittee Lourdes Grabato to operate again after findings submitted by the monitoring team concluded that she have established mitigating measures to ensure the health and safety of SSM workers.

Earlier, a joint monitoring team composed of DENR-MGB 12 and PEMO technical staff confirmed in their report that Grabato’s SSM tunnel tagged as Tunnel 345 Left and Right Wings were operating under unsafe and unsanitary working conditions for miners in violation of DENR Administrative Order 97-30.

A resolution was then passed on July 2 by PMRB duly approved by Governor Daisy Avance Fuentes ordering the temporary suspension of operation of said permittee.

A similar lifting of temporary suspension to operate was issued to SSM permittee Ester Daquil due to similar circumstances.

The permittees promised that they will abide with the health and safety standards set under the SSM Act and other relevant laws and issuances.

Meanwhile, large-scale mining operator Tribal Mining Corporation (TMC) also got the nod of PMRB regarding their Dewatering and Rehabilitation Plan located at Vein 203, Kematu, T’boli after presenting it to the board.

TMC likewise assured PMRB that they will consult with SSM operators before implementing their plan to ensure the health and safety of miners working near the area.



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