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Provincial General Services Office Exemplifies Excellence Based on Their 2023 Accomplishment Report.

To be truly “Angat sa Lahat” is the ultimate goal of the current administration, under the governance of Hon. Reynaldo S. Tamayo, Jr. every Department of the Provincial Government of South Cotabato aims to exemplify excellence in their services. For the previous year 2023, the Provincial General Services Offices remained steadfast in terms of safekeeping properties owned by the Local Government Unit (LGU), maintaining and supervising janitorial services and landscaping. PGSO is also in charge of archival and record management, and perform all other functions about supply and property management. Moreover, they enforce policies on record operation, maintenance, and disposal.

To ensure prompt and timely delivery of supplies, property, and maintenance services to all Provincial Government of South Cotabato, PGSO strengthens its supply-management, property-management and maintenance service management. Based on the record Supply Division has prepared 2815 Purchase Orders, prepared 3139 Disbursement Vouchers, and submitted 30 Summary of Supplies and Materials Issued (SSMI) reports for General Fund (GF), Special Education Fund (SEF), and Trust Fund (TF), and reviewed 3591 Acceptance and Inspection Reports (AIR) (Reimbursement).

Property Division is in the process of conducting an inventory of all offices in preparation for the 4 sets of the 2023 Report on Physical Count of Property, Plant & Other Structures (RPCPPE) for Equipment, Buildings and Other Structures and Local Road Network (LRN) under General Fund (GF), Special Education Fund (SEF), and Trust Fund for submission to the Commission on Audit (COA), Provincial Accountant’s Office (PACCO) on January 30, 2024. They submitted 10 Reports on Semi-Expendable Property Issued (RSPI) for high and low-valued semi-expendables. The office also collected P931, 992.00 for the sale of junk/unserviceable properties, renewed insurance policies of 503 vehicles and buildings, renewed registration of 251 vehicles and 478 mobile radio and radio station licenses, and reviewed 947 Gasoline, Diesoline, Oil & Lubricants (GDOL) consumption reports and 1293 utilization/distribution reports, 723 sacks records inventoried and appraised from 15 offices.

In addition, Maintenance Support Services Section was able to maintain 100% cleanliness of the Capitol grounds, provided 1070 repairs and maintenance of office buildings and other structures, prepared 26 Program of Works/Bill of Materials/Detailed Estimates of Materials, provided 14, 105 containers of water to the different departments, provided 104 transport and hauling services, facilitated 1,117 booking of tents and other equipment, and provided 1,634 Risograph printing services.

Moreover, the Administrative Support Services Section prepared, recorded and released 3373 outgoing communications, received/recorded/routed 5857 incoming communications, and prepared/processed 108 financial transactions. The above data were taken from the Quarterly Accomplishment Reports submitted from January. Continuously improving based on the mandate given to PGSO, they strive for the excellence of tangible projects.


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