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Provincial Population Office and DepEd South Cotabato Unite to Tackle Youth Challenges

Responding to the imperative laid out in the Provincial Development Council (PDC) Resolution No. 2023-21, the Provincial Population Office conducted a collaborative summit with DepEd South Cotabato, aimed at confronting the multifaceted challenges faced by the youth. Central to the discussions was the unveiling of the comprehensive South Cotabato Youth Situation and Parenting Education on Adolescent Health and Development Module.

Photo by: Provincial Population Of South Cotabato

This resolution, echoing the urgency of addressing youth issues, advocates for the integration of the Parent Education on Adolescent Health and Development Module into the Responsible Parenthood Advocacy of the Department of Education in South Cotabato.

The confluence of minds during the meeting proved to be remarkably fruitful. Participants from DepEd recognized the potential of this collaboration, envisioning a future where joint efforts would pave the way for innovative solutions to adolescent concerns.

Photo by: Provincial Population Of South Cotabato

Moreover, the Provincial and Local Population Office have augmented their initiatives with the successful implementation of the Adolescent Development Program Trainers. As part of their extensive outreach, they also spearheaded the Responsible Adolescence Campaign through the Responsible Adolescence Seminar (RAC-RAS) at Sto. Niño Trade National High School, engaging 112 Grade 9 students.

Photo by: Provincial Population Of South Cotabato

This comprehensive endeavor is geared towards not only raising awareness but actively mitigating the alarming rates of teenage pregnancies and premature marriages among adolescents. By instilling positive outlooks on personal growth and life skills, the program endeavors to empower the youth to navigate the complexities of adolescence with resilience and wisdom.

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