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Provincial Population Office Conducts Various Activities for Mothers

The Provincial Population Office (PPO) is proud to announce the successful completion of a series of advocacy sessions aimed at empowering mothers and young parents across the province. Sixty (60) mothers have benefited from these initiatives, which included sessions such as “Usapang Buntis,” “Usapang Batang Ina,” “Batang Ama,” and the “RPFP-Mother’s Class.”

These sessions, held in selected barangays, focused on providing crucial information and support to expecting mothers, young mothers, and young fathers, as well as promoting Responsible Parenthood and Family Planning (RPFP). The activities were designed to address the unique needs and challenges faced by these groups, ensuring they receive the guidance and resources necessary for a healthy and responsible parenting journey.

The success of these activities was made possible through the strong partnership between the PPO and its dedicated program partners. Their collaborative efforts have been instrumental in reaching out to the community and delivering these vital services.

Highlights of the Advocacy Sessions:
  • Usapang Buntis: Focused on prenatal care, nutrition, and preparing for childbirth.
  • Usapang Batang Ina: Targeted young mothers, offering support and education on childcare and personal development.
  • Batang Ama: Aimed at young fathers, providing guidance on responsible fatherhood and involvement in childcare.
  • RPFP-Mother’s Class: Promoted family planning methods and responsible parenthood to help mothers make informed decisions about their families’ future.

These sessions have empowered participants with knowledge and skills, fostering a community of informed and responsible parents. The positive feedback from the participants underscores the importance and impact of such initiatives in the province.

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