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Provincial Social Welfare Office Empowers Families with Livestock Assistance for Nutrition Program

South Cotabato, Philippines – The Provincial Social Welfare and Development Office, through Nutrition Section distributed livestock assistance to 44 beneficiaries of the RST sa Nutrisyon program. the beneficiaries are parents who arevstriving to nourish their malnourished children.

The program, designed to combat malnutrition in the province, took on a holistic approach, providing comprehensive livestock packages to the beneficiaries. Each package is a lifeline, comprising chickens, a rooster, a chicken coop, vitamins, and feeds. Beyond being a simple gift, these packages represent a pathway to a sustainable source of protein-rich food for the families involved.

Nutrition Officer Angela Frugalidad emphasized the significance of the initiative is an investment in their future well-being.

“Our goal is not just to alleviate the immediate effects of malnutrition but to empower families with the means to ensure a sustained and nutritious diet for their children,” she stressed.

The distribution of chickens and accompanying resources goes beyond the conventional approach to aid. It introduces a sustainable model that enables families to actively participate in the nutritional improvement of their households. The addition of a rooster and a chicken coop enhances the potential for breeding, creating a cycle of self-sufficiency for the beneficiaries.

The recipients of the livestock assistance express their gratitude, recognizing the program as a transformative force in their lives. As the chickens grow and multiply, the ripple effect of this initiative promises to bring sustained nourishment and improved livelihoods to families who once faced the challenges of malnutrition.

The RST sa Nutrisyon program stands as a testament to the power of innovative approaches in addressing nutritional challenges, fostering a community where every child has the opportunity to grow and thrive.

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