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RAD GREEN conducts Health Care Waste Treatment training

CITY OF KORONADAL — An Operation and Maintenance training was conducted recently in FB Hotel here by the supplier of the P5.1 million pyro-clave equipment that will be used to treat health care wastes generated by health care providers in the province, in preparation for the commissioning of the equipment.

RAD Green Bio-Hazard Solutions Corp., a company based in Davao City, delivered the 5-ton equipment on July 13 this year in the Health Care Waste Treatment Facility located inside the Integrated Provincial Environment Center (IPEMC) at Tinongkop, Tantangan, the facility under the direct supervision of the Provincial Environment Management Office (PEMO).

The training focused on the Operation, Maintenance and Trouble-shooting (OMT) of Pyro-clave Optima, the company’s latest model or version, supplied to PEMO.

Engr. Jeramil Garcia, the supplier’s Pyroclave Automation System Engineer disclosed that the technology that they developed allows the equipment to produce more heat with less fuel by using water.

“At a certain temperature more than the boiling point of water, it breaks the chemical structure separating Hydrogen and Oxygen. Oxygen evaporates and Hydrogen is used as fuel,” Engr. Garcia explained.

OMT topics during the training include How To Operate Pyroclave Optima, Pre-Start Up Operations, Machine Start Up, Machine Operation, Machine Shutting Down Operation, Basic Maintenance and Trouble-Shooting.

Prior to the OMT training, Yen Ansaldo, the company’s General Manager, discussed the Categories of Medical Waste such as Infectious Wastes, Sharps, Pathological and Anatomical Waste, Pharmaceutical Waste (including the Genotoxic / Cytotoxic / Antineoplastic Wastes and Radioactive Waste), Waste Segregation and Perils of Hazardous Health Care Waste.

Ansaldo likewise presented the Methods to Treat Medical Wastes, the Medical Wastes Situation in the Philippines and Republic Act 6969 enacted in 1990.or otherwise known as “Act to Control Substances and Hazardous Nuclear Wastes.”

The whole-day training capped with the thorough discussion of the requirements needed before and during the operation of the treatment facility particularly in the collection, treatment and disposal of the health care wastes.

In attendance during the training were PEMO, IPHO, SCPH, PEO, DENR-EMB. PhilHealth and PLLENRO.

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