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Search for Cleanest & Greenest Household in Lake Sebu Update … Top 15 finalists evaluated

Fifteen (15) winners that made it to the third and final judging of the Search for Cleanest and Greenest Household in Lake Sebu sponsored by the Provincial Environment Management Office were evaluated on October 20 -21

The top 15 winners were Ariel Tedera, Romy Tedera, Anthony Artacho and Mylene Frondozo of Tukofol, Carlito Magarso and Roberto Rivera of Lamsufo, Corazon Sarigo and Abe Castillo of Isla Tupas, Emma Tapel, Jhony Engane and Danny Klatong of San Miguel, Banban Noton and Henry Melta of Isla Grande, Josephine Cabaya and Norma Arellano of Ilang-ilang

Criteria of the contest are the following: Greening, Gardening and Landscaping – 60%, of which 30% is for the Best Flower/Ornamental Garden and another 30% is for the Best Vegetable Garden; and, Cleanliness and Orderliness – 40%.

Evaluators of the contest were Fruto C. Sumagaysay Jr. of PIO, Genie Famisan of PEMO-EMD, Julius Mella of ACTS Office, Hayd-Ali Suwaib od DILG provincial office and Noda Marie Macaranas of the Protected Area Superintendent – Allah Valley Protected Landscape (PASu-AVPL) Office.

The Top 3 winners will receive cash incentives of P10,000.00, P8,000.00 and P6,000.00, respectively, while consolation prize winners will receive P1,000.00 each.

Likewise, the top 3 Best Maintained Areas who have shown consistency in maintaining their respective household for 3 consecutive judging sessions will be awarded P15,000.00, P10,000.00 and P5,000.000, respectively.

Awarding will coincide with the Municipal Foundation Anniversary of Lake Sebu or otherwise known as Helobung Festival.

The search which is part of the PEMO’s Lake Easement Beautification program is in partnership with the office of PASU-AVPL under PASu Leonisa Alfaro.





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