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Search for Cleanest & Greenest Household winners awarded

Fifteen (15) winners in the first judging of the Search for Cleanest and Greenest Household in Lake Sebu received their cash incentives on August 17 at the said municipality during their flag-raising ceremony.

Forester Mary Jane Manlisis, chief of the Provincial Environment Management Office (PEMO) – Forest and Inland Water Division led the awarding ceremony together with the municipal officials.

First judging of the contest was conducted on June 15 – 17 with 33 residents participating and judged by evaluators Genie Famisan of PEMO, Fruto Sumagayaysay Jr. of the Provincial Information Office, Julius Mella of the Arts, Culture, Tourism, Museum and Sports Promotions Unit, Forest Extension officer Noda Marie Macaranas of the Protected Area Superintendent Office and Hayd-Ali Suwaib of the Department of Interior of Local government.

The top three (3) winners were as follows: First Prize (P2,500.00) – Ariel Tedera; Second Prize (P1,500) – Carlito Magarso; Third Prize (P1,000.00) – Corazon Sarigo.


Consolation prize winners that received P300.00 each were Anthony Artacho, Ferdinand Tapil, Banban Noton, Henry Melta, Roy Ungkal, Romy Tedera, Maylen Frondozo, Josephoine Cabaya, Bloyas Lumbing, Rosalyn Ampit, Abe Castillo and Bernardo Tiwan.

The criteria of the contest are the following: Greening, Gardening and Landscaping – 50% and Cleanliness and Orderliness – 50%.

Under Greening, Gardening and Landscaping, the Best Flower/Ornamental Garden has a weight of 25% while the Best Vegetable Garden as another 25%.

The Best Flower/Ornamental Garden criteria are subdivided into Arrangement/Organization of Garden (10%), Appearance of Plants (5%), Variation of Plants (5%) and Display of Color (5%).

For the Best Vegetable Garden, the elements include Diversification of Panted vegetables (10%), Healthy in Appearance (5%), Practice Organic Gardening (5%) and Efficient Use of Space (5%).

Likewise, Cleanliness and Orderliness, is subdivided into Sanitation/Orderliness of Home and Surroundings (20%), Practice Waste Segregation (10%), Has Designated Collection Area for Waste (5%), Utilize Biodegradable Waste into Compost (5%), Practice Recycling of Waste (5%) and Presence of Sanitary Toilet (5%).

Senior Environment Management Specialist Loida Villa disclosed that the second judging will be conducted on August 26 – 28.

Lake Supervisor Carlos Legaste was the Master of Ceremony.




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