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Social Welfare and Protection Services

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Learn what are the social welfare and protection services that are being implemented by the Province of South Cotabato which includes types of assistance given and lists of social development programs.

The provincial government of South Cotabato vows to fervently continue to bridge initiatives and resources with its valuable stakeholders to address the most pressing social challenges and issues and to bring about social change in the communities. As a haven to a million people with various cultural origins who converge and live in harmony, the province has high respect to the rich heritage of its indigenous cultural communities, while the co-existence of residents with different backgrounds and the blend of nature serves as vital catalyst to its sound socio-economic growth amidst the fast-paced development of the country.

For Social development, salient contribution have been made by the province in the areas of :

Dubbed as “The Heart of Public Service”, the provincial government’s social development programs prioritize Programs, Projects and Activities (PPAs) that cares, protects and empowers the people to become fully functioning citizens which contribute to the vibrance of their respective communities.-the hallmark of Tama at Maayos na Serbisyo.

Protecting the Vulnerable and Redeeming the Abused

The Provincial Inter-agency Committee against Trafficking and Violence against Women and Their Children (PCAT VAWC) was created and reconstituted through Executive Order No. 64 by the honorable Governor Reynaldo S. Tamayo, Jr. It aims to strengthen the local council for the protection of women and children in South Cotabato.

Prioritizing the Provision of Education and Health Assistance to South Cotabateños and the Maintenance of Peace and Order Within the Geographical Boundaries of the Province

The Provincial Governor’s Office – Executive Staff (herein referred to as PGO- Executive Staff) has institutionalized social welfare programs to achieve and sustain the good quality of life of South Cotabateños. In 2022, a huge percentage of its expenditure went to the provision of health-related financial assistance to indigents and persons-in-crisis, the provision of educational assistance and other education-related dole outs, and many others. Further, the peace and order program was allotted a huge budget as the current administration pushes to make the province the top investment destination in Mindanao, thus improving peace and order within borders is an absolute must.

Serving with Compassion to the Needy

Understanding why people experience challenges, how they change  and how to help them live a more satisfying and gratifying life is a  very important undertaking for the provincial government. Such has 

become the mantra of the current administration as manifested by  the social welfare services enumerated hereinafter. 

Types of Assistance Under the Crisis Intervention Program: