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SoCot opens a new category for Kabugwason Paglaum Scholarship Program (KPSP)

South Cotabato, Koronadal City- The new administration of the provincial government of South Cotabato opens a new category under the Kabugwason Paglaum Scholarship Program (KPSP).

Category H accommodates students, who are recommended by his/her senior high school adviser and with approval from the PTA president and the school principal. He/she holds an average academic rating (GWA is 80 and above but below 85), but is found to be deserving of a scholarship because of extra-curricular skills and talent such as in the arts, sports, leadership, community service, and volunteerism; and because he/she is known to be an industrious and persevering student with good moral character. He/she meets all other entry requirements and submits complete documentary requirements.

Other categories are still open for all qualified applicants. Category A is for scholars who have exemplary records, have ranked high in the qualifying exam, and are certified by the barangay as one who belongs to a low-income earner family, with an annual income of Php 200,000 and below. On the other hand, Category B is for children of OFWs, provided that his/her family’s yearly income does not exceed Php 300,000. Category C is for scholars who have given the honor to the Province of South Cotabato in any national or intentional competition and duly recognized by the provincial government. He/She received an award in the said competition, and not merely a recognition of participation. Category D is for students with disabilities (PWD) based on MPWDO or CSWDO records. Meanwhile, Category E is intended for Indigenous People; Category F is for Muslim students, and Category G is for students who have single parents.

According to Atty. Jan Kristy Y. Pastor, Executive Director of KPSP, the current administration proposed 120 slots for this year—60 slots for Category A and B while there are six slots in every category in C, D, G, F, and H. Category E has 30 slots.

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