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South Cotabato allots P2.4 –B as 2017 Annual Investment Program

South Cotabato province has allotted P2,390,116,640.79 as Annual Investment Program (AIP) for 2017, a senior planning officer disclosed recently.

Planning Officer IV Jennifer Bretana, Officer-in-Charge of the Provincial Planning and Development Office said that the 2017 AIP Fund Sources include the General Fund (GF), Local Development Fund (LDF), 5% Calamity Fund (CF) and Special Education Fund (SEF).

“The GF has an allocation of P1,719,400,885.79, LDF P570,375,755.00, CF P60,340,000.00 and SEF P40,000,000.00,” Bretana added.

She explained that this year’s AIP is CCE or Climate Change Expenditure – Tagged with a corresponding allocation of P278,993,721.00.

CCE component in the GF amounted to P26,382,221.00, P192,271,500.00 in the LDF and another P60,340,000.00 as CF.

Under the 2017 AIP Sectoral Appropriations, Social Development got the biggest slice at 42%, followed by Development Administration 27%, Technical Infrastructure 20%, Economic Development 7% and Environment Management and CCA/DRR 4%.

In peso value, the allocations are P992,194,910.10 for Social Development, P639,642,045,17 for Development Administration, P490,019,833.00 for Technical Infrastructure, P173,195,545.40 for Economic Development, P89,926,926.12 for Environment Management and CCA/DRR and P6,137,331.00 Support to National Line Agencies.

The 2017 AIP was endorsed by the Provincial Development Council, the province’s highest policy-making and planning body, to the Sangguniang Panlalawigan which was also passed it in one of their regular sessions this year.

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