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South Cotabato capitol employees to receive Loyalty token awards

KORONADAL CITY- At least 123 provincial employees who have rendered continuous and satisfactory service in the government for ten (10) years onwards are set to receive loyalty token awards in line with the upcoming “Employees Day” celebration in September. The granting of this is pursuant to CSC MC No. 42, s. 1992, MC 17, s. 1999 as amended by CSC MC No.6 s. 2001 and MC No. 28, s. 2001 for devolved employees.

“We should be committed to our service, and always remember that public office is a public trust. We must perform our duty with utmost responsibility, loyalty, and efficiency in serving the people of South Cotabato,” Provincial Human Resource and Management Officer Alex Basco said.

According to Basco, 24 of these employees have reached 10 years in government service, 24 employees (15 years), 9 employees (20 years), 30 employees (25 years), 11 employees (30 years), 16 employees (35 years), 8 employees (40 years) and 1 employee (45 years).

Meanwhile, tokens to be given range from analog watches to gold necklaces, bracelets, and rings. For those who reached 10-15 years will receive Bronze service pin, 20-25 years will receive Silver service pin, and 30, 35, 40, and 45 years will receive Gold service pin, PHRMO said.

A Service Cash Award is granted to all officials and employees who have rendered ten (10) years of continuous and satisfactory service in the government in the amount of One Thousand Pesos (P1,000.00) for every year of service.

In addition, loyalty service token will also be granted to employees with the following number of years in government service: 10 years (tokens worth of P3,500), 15 years (tokens worth P4,500), 20 years (token worth of P6,000), 25 years (tokens worth P8,000), 30 years (tokens worth P10,500), 35 years (tokens worth P14,000), 40 years (tokens worth P17,500) and 45 years and above (tokens worth P21,500).

This activity is a part of the Program on Rewards and Incentives for Service Excellence (PRAISE) of the provincial government that aims to honor and reward employees who rendered exemplary government service.

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