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South Cotabato Community Museum re-opens

After few years of hiatus, the South Cotabato Community Museum (SCCM) re-opened last Monday (February 26) located at the third floor of the South Cotabato Gymnasium & Cultural Center (SCGCC).

Prior to the opening, a demsu (T’boli ritual) was performed by T’bolis from Lake Sebu that was participated also by the Arts, Culture, Tiourism and Museum (ACTM) Unit.

Danny Doce, Sourh Cotabato Visual Artist Association President ,curated SCCM.

SCCM  has a Permanent and Feature or Temporary Sections. The Permanent Section showcases existing displays, artifacts and archived objects, among others, while the Feature Section has 2 Subsections, namely; the Monthly Municipality Feature and South Cotabato Visual Arts Exhibit.

ACTMU chief Semior Tourism Operations Officer Argie Ryan Asaria said that next year, each of the 10 towns and lone city of the province with a budget of P20,000 will have the chance to showcase their rich culture for the general public to know and appreciate.







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