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South Cotabato Distributes Radio Sets to Boost Nutrition Program Awareness

South Cotabato, May 25, 2024 – In an effort to enhance information dissemination and improve nutrition among malnourished children, the Provincial Government of South Cotabato has distributed 90 radio sets to beneficiaries of the RST sa Nutrisyon program. This initiative follows a radio listenership survey conducted by the Provincial Nutrition Committee, which identified a significant gap in access to information among families with malnourished children.

Nutrition Officer Angela Frugalidad highlighted the importance of this distribution, explaining that the survey revealed low access to information about the province’s programs, projects, and activities among the target families.

“Access to information is crucial in ensuring that families are aware of and can benefit from our nutrition-related services,” Frugalidad stated. “By providing these radio sets, we aim to bridge this information gap and promote better health outcomes.”

RST sa Nutrisyon is a comprehensive program that consolidates all nutrition-related services, focusing particularly on providing medical attention to severely malnourished children. The provincial government airs a dedicated radio program over three local radio stations, strengthening the dissemination of vital information about its various initiatives.

The distribution event, organized by the Provincial Information-Information Development Division, saw the handing over of 90 radio sets to families in need. The initiative was complemented by a series of lectures on oral care, nutritious foods, and financial literacy, aimed at further empowering the beneficiaries with essential knowledge and skills.

In addition to the radio sets, other members of the Provincial Nutrition Committee contributed various resources to support the families. The Office of the Provincial Agriculture, Veterinary, Animal Production and Processing Center, and the Provincial Social Welfare and Development Office provided vegetable seeds, choco milk, food packs, and multivitamins. The Department of Science and Technology also participated by distributing healthy snacks for the children.

RST sa Nutrisyon is a flagship program of the Provincial Government of South Cotabato, designed to address malnutrition among children through comprehensive and converged nutrition-related services. The program includes medical attention, education, and resource distribution to ensure the well-being of children and their families.


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