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South Cotabato hits record high in animal health permit collection

Koronadal City—South Cotabato generated at least P400, 000 because of the massive animal health certificate collection, a Provincial Veterinary Office report confirmed.

Dr. Raul Teves, Laboratory and Regulatory Division Chief, said 600 permits were released in 2018.

“The establishment of an animal transport checkpoint in Polomolok contributed to the sudden increase in transport permit collection,” he said.

PVET collected P99, 191 in the first six months and P323, 229. 80 during the second semester last year.

The animal checkpoint aims to guard the province against the entry of hot meat and to produce income through releasing of animal health certificates.

The Revenue Code of South Cotabato allows the transport of animals and animal by-products with necessary fees.

Transport permit for cattle, carabao, and horse costs P40 per head while small animals like dog, sheep, goat, and swine are P15 per head.

Meanwhile, health certificate for commercially produced broilers and layers is at P.30 per head, but game fowls are P50.

Delivery vans that carry day old chicks, Gossling and duckling shall pay P.20 per head, while adult fowls like native chicken are at P5 per head.

By-products like eggs, processed meat and fresh cuts, and animal waste have also necessary transport fee.

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